Stewardship is defined (by today’s most relevant free encyclopedia, Wikipedia) as:

an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.

That is a very accurate definition for how our management team and our members operate our club. From the beginning, when members together elected to purchase the club, they were committed to preserving the land and wildlife within the club’s boundaries.

Weekapaug Foundation for Conservation

From the beginning, the club has been devoted to preserving the waterfront land on which it rests. When the club was purchased, the founding members committed to partnering with the Weekapaug Foundation for Conservation. This partnership resulted in the restriction of all development on the last piece of majestic waterfront property, Weekapaug Golf Club.

Rhode Island Golf Course Green Certification Program

Weekapaug Golf Club is certified with the Rhode Island Golf Course Green Certification Program. The club’s certification is a testament that a golf course can coexist with the natural environment, while providing outstanding playing conditions.

Through responsible and environmentally friendly practices we have determined that our course can be maintained while actually benefiting the environment.

The overdevelopment in our surrounding area and the delicate natural resource of Winnapaug Pond were important considerations for seeking this certification.

What does the certification involve?

  • Environmental Planning
  • Chemical Usage and Reduction
  • Water Quality and Management
  • Water Usage Practices
  • Wildlife Habitat and Management
  • Education and Outreach

We are continually working in all these areas to maintain certification. As stewards of the club lands, members volunteer in a variety of ways - maintaining inventories of birds and plants, including our beloved purple martins.

Our Resident Purple Martins

We are extremely lucky that the Purple Martin swallow allows us to share these wonderful lands. A Purple Martin is the largest North American swallow, and the male is the only swallow with uniform dark plumage on its belly. We work tirelessly to ensure these swallows are protected and continue to flourish.  Our Purple Martin colony, located on the golf course, is very active and one of the largest colonies in the state.

Learn more about Purple Martins at the Purple Martin Conservation Association.