Weekapaug Golf Club

Guest Information

Itís always a beautiful full day in the WGC neighborhood Ö

Welcome Guests.

We are a friendly bunch and we have a casual and relaxed vibe around these parts. Weíve got just a few guidelines for visitors and guests of our members.

Mobile Devices

  • Silent.
  • Vibrate Mode.
Thatís it, just keep your phones and tablets quiet.

If youíve got to chat we ask that you take it outside to a quiet spot in the parking lot.


  • Not allowed anywhere inside any Club building
  • It is only permissible in designated areas outside the Clubhouse

Dress Code

Dress appropriately. Be prudent when getting dressed to come to the club. Fun fashion and functional fashion are welcome as long as:

ďyour attire is consistent with the social atmosphere of an upscale private country club."

Golf Course

  • Metal spikes are prohibited
  • Blue jeans and cargo shorts are not allowed
  • Shirts are to be tucked in
  • Hats must be worn facing forward
  • Hats are not to be worn inside the Clubhouse

For Gents

  • Collared shirts
  • Golf slacks
  • Bermuda-length shorts

For Ladies

  • Accepted golfing attire required
  • Tank tops, short shorts and running attire are not acceptable

Dining Facilities

  • Acceptable golf attire is allowed at any time - unless a special event dictates more formal attire
  • Collared shirts are required for gentlemen
  • Hats are not to be worn inside the Clubhouse
  • The Pub - Dress/tailored jeans are allowed only in the Pub for both ladies and gentlemen
  • The Dining Room - Requires country club casual attire at the minimum
  • Swimming attire is not acceptable anywhere in the Clubhouse or on the golf course


  • Sorry, we donít accept cash
  • Guest charges are to be posted to the memberís account
  • Only Golf Shop merchandise may be purchased with cash or credit card

Visitors Get in Touch For More Information