Weekapaug Golf Club
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Hole: 8 and hole 17

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Blue 146 3 17
Black 156 3 17
White 125 3 17
Green 115 3 17

How to Play It:
How this is the "easiest" handicapped hole is beyond anyone who plays the course. Most of the fairway between the tee and the green is badlands, going over the green or to the right of the fairway is out of bounds, going to the left of the green finds you in very tall grass, and the multi tiered green is SMALL and sloped downward (to the tee). Easy? Please! This short Par 3 is designed to receive shots from scoring irons. The green slopes away from the tee and a high shot trajectory will aid in taking aim at the pin. Wayward shots will leave challenging chips as the hole is guarded by a massive bunker to the right and native grass mounds to the left.